Converting a Coupe to a Spyder

Re-building a Marcos Coupe as a Convertible.

This site documents the second rebuild of my 1986 Marcos Mantula. A major change from coupe to spyder.

I built the car from a kit in 1986 and this, the second rebuild, includes a new chassis and after 30 years as a coupe a chop to turn it into a convertible


The works on the shopping list so far include:

New Spyder chassis - galvanised
Chop the coupe to a spider and add the reinforcing
Mohair Hood
Re work the seats to clear the hood
Re-Wire - so you can actually understand it with relay centre
Adjustable tubular wishbones
Front uprights to get rid of the trunions
Limited Slip Diff
Disc conversion on the rear axle
Re plumbing the brakes and discs all round
Modified pedal box for twin circuit brakes
Bodywork and pain by THE Keith Baker
Upgrade the lights in some way so you can see in the dark
New wheels and tyres
Exhaust mods to increase ground clearance

Links to these works will appear blue as we get on to them.

Calling International Rescue check

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Whilst we get going, here is something to drool over. I painted it for Colin F many many moons ago. In the days when you could do it yourself in your garage.
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